Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speaking: Stating and Justifying Points of View

Dear students,

It is less than a week that we are heading to the mid-semester break. Time flies away so fast, isn't it? In our last class, you already know that an opinion represents one's personal judgement about a subject. It seems that you and your classmates had given your full effort and commitment to evaluate the task we had in class by performing a drama and stating your point of view about the film discussed.

In class, we had discussed about the differences of movies in the present and the ones in the past. Most of you agree that those in the past convey a clear message and good moral values for our Malay society. For example, our very famous artist namely P.Ramlee had produced a number of great films and songs which really give big impact to our modern lives. Because many of us feel that P.Ramlee movies are significant, we came to a view that P.Ramlee is trying to highlight some important issues to the audience, especially teenagers and our own old generation. This is portrayed in Anakku Sazali, Pendekar Bujang Lapok, Seniman Bujang Lapok, Nujum Pak Belalang, Laksamana Hang Tuah, Madu Tiga, Ahmad Albab and others. Apart of injecting sarcasm and humour in each film he made, it is obvious that P.Ramlee is critizing the improper parental guidance given by the father in Anakku Sazali, the consequences of marrying 3wives in Madu Tiga, the fate of a father-in-law for being materialistic in Ahmad Albab and etc.

We had also discussed some issues highlighted in the films such as polygamy, martial arts, parental guidance, friendship, loyalty to the Sultan, good manners and customer rights. We also have listened to some audience's comments about the film you presented. Although the films were made in the 1950's and 1960's, they remind us that courteasy and budi bahasa should go in line with the modern lavish lifestyle. Thus, we should always respect others regardless of their status and background.

Besides, do take note that when you are stating and justifying points of view, you may have to provide suitable reasons or examples to support your view. You may give relevant facts and explanations to convince your listeners. Information without supporting details is often not as interesting to others as one with the specific details. For example, you make look at the example below. The statement in bold is the main point while the rest is the supporting details:

Poligamy in P.Ramlee's Madu Tiga shows the downfall of marriage. This is due to the injustice way of the husband, Jamil for not treating the three wives equally. Thus, it leads to financial and communication problems in the family. As a result, this might affect children in the future. However, poligamy may have certain advantages such as avoiding social problems and strengthening the family bond.

Well, i hope you had fun in class. I just knew that we have so many talented actors and actress in our class! :)
So, personally, what is your favourite P. Ramlee movie?

Let's share your opinion online :)

Ms English.


  1. my favorite movie is the "pendekar bujang lapok" because is a funny story with a realiti of malaysian people.

  2. I like pendekar bujang lapok too. i never stop laughing.hehe.

  3. the cluz was quite fun... however,, im quite frustrated since there's a lot people dont actually remember the details of p.ramlee movie though he is a legend for malays. hard to find a multi-talented person as him. seriously the cluz was fun.. i cant stop laughing watching the play done by my cluzmates....

  4. I had so much fun, by the time we were given the task to perform any of the P. Ramlee's movies.

    Thank you miss, for the enjoyable moment! :)

  5. seniman bujang lapok :D

  6. i personally love Seniman Bujang Lapok =D
    it was fun when we were given the task to perform!

    - your student

  7. I love all the Bujang Lapoks movie especially Seniman and Pendekar. I never feel bored.hehe.

  8. i didnt watch Madu Tiga and many of P.Ramlee's movies before but i did get a glimpse of them when you gave the task to us. awesome! :D

  9. sry off topic but new post about this class in thursday >.< hahaha
    my opinoin is
    "right words are the most sharpest than any other blade made by men" - adept from cold war in carl max
    to me better stay "silent if golden but words is silver"

  10. Samuar Joe,
    it is all about law of attraction :)
    when you are positive, positive ppl are more attracted to you.
    i hope i would gain a lot of happiness by thinking in a positive way.

  11. pendekar bujang lapok ! such a great movie :D

  12. huhuhuhu i like pendekar bujang lapok too miss !!!! i'm enjoying in this class performance! thank you miss !

  13. pendekar bujang lapok ! such a great movie :D # aslindah

  14. Yeah, then we have many votes for pendekar bujang lapok. Pendekar Mustar must be really proud of us! hehe. Do you want any activities you like to be held in class? You can suggest it here.

  15. about the video just now , we dont need something good happen just to do charity , charity need hearts not words. enough said :)

  16. Yes, i agree with you. There are lots of interpretation we can get from the video. Charity really comes from the heart, not words. But we cannot control people's perception. That is why the words we use which express the way we are thinking actually affect your surrounding. PPl are more attracted or touched by the positive perception we spread to others.

  17. I mean, when you are blind and tell ppl abt the negative part of being blind, ppl seem to care less about you. In contrats, once you changed the perception to a positive one by saying that you tend to see the beautiful day but you cant, the surrounding would feel the beauty and good things tend to happen faster.