Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Argumentative Essay (BEL260)

Outlining an argumentative essay:

Salam and hi all!
We almost finish the current semester and nw it is the moment to get ready with the final exam. In the final exam, you are required to answer Part A: Reading Comprehension (20%) and Part B: Argumentative essay (20%). There are a few important things to be highlighted in the essay writing. Pls make sure you know how to write:

1) Introduction
-->brief info about your essay + Thesis statement (your stand whether you agree/disagree with the topic given)

2) Content
-->Topic sentence 1 + Supporting details
-->Topic sentence 2 + Supporting details
-->Topic sentence 3 + Supporting details

3) Conclusion

Here are a few examples of topics that can be discussed in class in order for us to brainstorm ideas for an argumentative essay.

1) Public examination should be abolished in Malaysia
2) Men should learn cooking from an early age
3) Valentine Day brings negative effects to teenagers
4) Horror movies harm children's minds
5) Women should stay at home and raise children
6) Domestic violence comes from a broken family
7) Mix-marriage could cultivate race-integrity

Till then, see you next time. Ciao!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Story of a Teacher Who Lowered His Height

Education starts with seeing things from a child's eye level. This is a Story of a Teacher who Lowered his Height..

A gentleman was approaching the art at the Smithmonium Museum in Washington DC. As he approached a painting, he would kneel down and look up at it. People ask him why he was looking at the painting with his knees. He replied, "I am an elementary school teacher and will bring my students here tomorrow. And i was just wondered how they would enjoy the paintings from down here. I am trying to appreciate these paintings at the children's eye level."

- Adapted from E-Nopi Education.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vote ur Fave Movie!

Salam and hi all!
In our last post, Nazri asked about Past Participle while Anonymous recommended us to watch a movie in our English class. Btw, i have tried to upload the notes/slides about Grammar + Perfect Tense, but i guess blogger does not recognize the files, so, they were failed to be uploaded. Insyaallah, we could discuss past participle in our next grammar class. Maybe for the time being, we could think of a good movie to be watched during our class time. Or is there any of our classmate who loves downloading movies from the net? We could ask him/her to share the movie in class later.

Last Christmas, i watched Alvin & the Chipmunks 3 and a Kungfu movie (chinese movie which i cant remember), which i think were quite good. Here are some movies that I like:

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks 1, 2, 3
2. Despicable me
3. How to train your Dragon
4. John Tucker Must Die
5. Drag me to Hell
6. A nightmare on Elm Streets
7. Night at the Museum
8. I'm Not stupid (Chinese movie)
9. The Boy in a Striped Pyjamas
10. A Walk To Remember
11. My Sister's Keeper
12. Madagascar

..and the list goes on. I have some of the CDs and some were kept at my office. So, is there any English movie that you really(3x) want to watch? Tell us your fave movie and send away your votes! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speaking: Stating and Justifying Points of View

Dear students,

It is less than a week that we are heading to the mid-semester break. Time flies away so fast, isn't it? In our last class, you already know that an opinion represents one's personal judgement about a subject. It seems that you and your classmates had given your full effort and commitment to evaluate the task we had in class by performing a drama and stating your point of view about the film discussed.

In class, we had discussed about the differences of movies in the present and the ones in the past. Most of you agree that those in the past convey a clear message and good moral values for our Malay society. For example, our very famous artist namely P.Ramlee had produced a number of great films and songs which really give big impact to our modern lives. Because many of us feel that P.Ramlee movies are significant, we came to a view that P.Ramlee is trying to highlight some important issues to the audience, especially teenagers and our own old generation. This is portrayed in Anakku Sazali, Pendekar Bujang Lapok, Seniman Bujang Lapok, Nujum Pak Belalang, Laksamana Hang Tuah, Madu Tiga, Ahmad Albab and others. Apart of injecting sarcasm and humour in each film he made, it is obvious that P.Ramlee is critizing the improper parental guidance given by the father in Anakku Sazali, the consequences of marrying 3wives in Madu Tiga, the fate of a father-in-law for being materialistic in Ahmad Albab and etc.

We had also discussed some issues highlighted in the films such as polygamy, martial arts, parental guidance, friendship, loyalty to the Sultan, good manners and customer rights. We also have listened to some audience's comments about the film you presented. Although the films were made in the 1950's and 1960's, they remind us that courteasy and budi bahasa should go in line with the modern lavish lifestyle. Thus, we should always respect others regardless of their status and background.

Besides, do take note that when you are stating and justifying points of view, you may have to provide suitable reasons or examples to support your view. You may give relevant facts and explanations to convince your listeners. Information without supporting details is often not as interesting to others as one with the specific details. For example, you make look at the example below. The statement in bold is the main point while the rest is the supporting details:

Poligamy in P.Ramlee's Madu Tiga shows the downfall of marriage. This is due to the injustice way of the husband, Jamil for not treating the three wives equally. Thus, it leads to financial and communication problems in the family. As a result, this might affect children in the future. However, poligamy may have certain advantages such as avoiding social problems and strengthening the family bond.

Well, i hope you had fun in class. I just knew that we have so many talented actors and actress in our class! :)
So, personally, what is your favourite P. Ramlee movie?

Let's share your opinion online :)

Ms English.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Conversational Strategies: Interview

Salam and hi students,

How are things with you?
There are times in our lives when we meet strangers and new friends in campus, party, shopping complex or official ceremony. It is always recommended to apply the conversation strategies when meeting new people. You may start with greetings and some warming-up questions to start a conversation.

When interviewing others, be polite with your questions. Smile and be friendly, so the other party would enjoy your company and cooperate with you.

I hope you had fun with our class activity today.
Hopefully, this would help you gain confidence to meeting others in the future. You may also share your experience of interviewing others in our class blog by posting your comment in this entry.

Thank you.

-Ms English.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life in Britain

English tea and biscuits

Salam and hello all..
Have you been to England or any of the British isles?
I am sure that many of you dream to spend your holiday in London or a few European countries. For your information, tea-time is part of English tradition which has been practiced in our own country and others. Based on the website about English http://www.anglik.net/, which English tradition that attracts you the most? Do you like their music, food, movie or culture?
Or are you in love with their English accent? :)
Write and explain the reasons why. You can write as much as you want.

Respond by posting your comments now.

Ms English.

Welcome to English Online

Dear beloved students,
I have created a blog for us to discuss about topics and issues related to our English language. You may leave suggestions and comments for the upcoming entry.
Thanks, dear.
See you next class!

Ms English.