Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Story of a Teacher Who Lowered His Height

Education starts with seeing things from a child's eye level. This is a Story of a Teacher who Lowered his Height..

A gentleman was approaching the art at the Smithmonium Museum in Washington DC. As he approached a painting, he would kneel down and look up at it. People ask him why he was looking at the painting with his knees. He replied, "I am an elementary school teacher and will bring my students here tomorrow. And i was just wondered how they would enjoy the paintings from down here. I am trying to appreciate these paintings at the children's eye level."

- Adapted from E-Nopi Education.


  1. i dont really understand what the gentlement trying to say..

  2. Oh, the gentleman highlight the moral story which is "a teacher shld actually understand the student's level of understanding n knowledge before teaching them."

    1. now i understand.. thats how the teacher should be.. but students must do the same too

    2. great to know that. Thanks for being the 1st to comment ;)

  3. Different perspektive will get different conclusion
    given 10 scientis
    u get 10 different answer about one problem

    from my POV
    appeciate and try to flex your's and other thinking


  4. Samuar Joe...long time no see! i miss u lotzzz! :)
    where hav you been.

    Ms Syakira